Why I am a Wellness Proponent?

As founder of medical testing startup healthcare nt sickcare, Vivek Nair advocates holistic wellness models focused on preventative care, universal access and protecting both physical and mental health.

Passion for Holistic Health

As founder of affordable medical testing startup healthcare nt sickcare, I aim to promote whole-person wellness — not just treat illness. My advocacy stems from a vision of universal healthcare access and preventing suffering by catching diseases early.

Passion for Holistic Health

While my company provides critical pathology and diagnostic services, I believe true wellness requires nurturing both physical and mental health. My blogs on healthcare nt sickcare emphasize lifestyle changes for boosting immunity, fighting inflammation and supporting emotional resilience.

Access for All

Financial, geographic, cultural and stigma barriers prevent healthcare access for too many worldwide. My entrepreneurship works to dismantle such obstacles through affordable pricing, at-home phlebotomy and health literacy efforts. Healthcare is a human right.

Prevention Over Treatment

I advocate shifting focus from reactive sickcare to preventative well care. Early screening and detection of biomarkers can identify diseases sooner when they are more treatable. Precautionary measures also reduce healthcare costs over the long term.

Wellness is Cost-Effective

Study after study shows disease prevention measures including nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene and stress reduction provide exponential economic returns over time. Beyond extending lives, optimized wellness protects national productivity.

How can India improve mental health access?

Destigmatization efforts, online counselling expansion, workplace wellness programs, school curriculum integration and coverage mandates.

What lifestyle habits do you recommend?

Balanced nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, social connection, stress management and emotional intelligence skills.

Should companies invest more in wellness?

Yes — healthy, vibrant cultures attract top talent while boosting productivity. The ROI is exponentially bigger than the cost.


As a wellness proponent, I believe holistic health and universal healthcare access are the best routes to alleviating suffering. My medical testing company and advocacy aim to shift focus to sustainable models optimizing both well-being and cost-effective.

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