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Asthma patient since age 3, Vivek Nair founded affordable medical testing startup healthcare nt sickcare to expand healthcare access, saving lives through early diagnosis and uplifting communities.

Driven by Personal Health Challenges

Driven by Personal Health Challenges

Having battled asthma since age 3, I know first-hand the critical nature of healthcare. Growing up in a remote village, I faced significant obstacles to getting the care I needed, often causing great inconvenience for my family. These experiences instilled my passion for healthcare.

Helping Society by Creating Access

I believe quality healthcare should be conveniently accessible and affordable for all. Launching my medical testing laboratory allows me to fulfil a social mission of enabling communities to proactively safeguard their health.

Power to Transform Lives

Healthcare empowers people to take control of their well-being before falling critically ill. My startup aims to shift India’s system from reactive sickcare to preventative healthcare through early diagnosis and intervention.

Harnessing Healthcare to Uplift Communities

Medical testing facilities can uplift communities socially and financially. My entrepreneurship creates local jobs while enabling people to monitor health indicators that impact their productivity and livelihoods.

What services do you offer?

We offer pathology, biochemistry, serology, molecular testing and at-home phlebotomy services using advanced technology.

How can your startup uplift communities?

By creating local jobs and enabling financial stability through early health diagnosis and disease prevention.

How can India improve healthcare access?

By supporting startups providing preventative care, telehealth, medical technology and health education.


Driven by personal health struggles and a vision for empowering communities, I founded healthcare nt sickcare to expand convenient access to quality, affordable medical testing. Healthcare is a noble calling that aligns with social mission and sustainability.


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